Reka Holiday Village in Montfaucon, Switzerland

Our family getaway to the Reka Holiday Village in Montfaucon

Near the French border, the Reka holiday camp in Montfaucon has the type of romance that's often missing in other parts of Switzerland.
CORUM Watch Making

La Chaux-de-Fonds is about watches, food and well-being

We are in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the third largest city in French-speaking Switzerland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. CORUM is a watch making legacy...
Maison du Prussien in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Six courses of surprises at Maison du Prussien in Neuchâtel

If the food is half as good as the spirits, the Beau Rivage in Neuchâtel is an excellent place to dine. But I have a reservation at La Maison du Prussien...
Saut du Doubs

Border hopping into France at the Doubs Falls

Not far from Les Brenets in the canton of Neuchâtel and at the heart of the Jura mountains, the river Doubs falls a dramatic 27 meters...
Fun Facts about Jura

8 Surprising Facts about the Canton of Jura

The canton of Jura has a reputation of being little known - both among tourists and Swiss residents. These fun facts about the canton of Jura should...