Festival del Film Locarno 2015 - Edward Norton

10 Things I Learned at the Locarno Film Festival

This year, the Locarno Film Festival turns 68 years old. It is actually one of the oldest film festivals in the world, along with Venice and Cannes...
Locarno Film Festival - Piazza Grande

Locarno Film Festival - Leopard Craziness in Locarno

Locarno is one of the nicest little towns in Ticino. My heart melted as I found out how incredible this town gets during the Locarno Film Festival...
Locarno Film Festival

Glamour, Films and la Dolce Vita in Locarno

According to the Locarno Film Festival’s artistic director, this year’s festival is dedicated to “discoveries, young film makers and first features“...

Switzerland - A Movie Lover's Paradise

If you’re like me, you prefer the full-screen movie experience over sitting at home in front of a TV that is in comparison very small – no matter how flat it is. Even better is a huge screen outside on a square, or in a park by the lake...
Hiking to Cimetta, Ticino

Our hiking tips for Cimetta above Locarno in Ticino

In just under 3 hours from Zürich HB by train, passing by the UNESCO world heritage site of Bellinzona, we reached Cardada Cimetta in Ticino...