Lausanne Switzerland

Up and down in Lausanne - My impressions of this vertical city

I guess walking up and down and up and down is to be expected in Switzerland, but Lausanne is not even in the Alps! And yet, it seems you are...
Graubunden 2022

Graubünden 2022: Olympic Dream or Nightmare?

Higher, faster, stronger. Those three words are the theme of the Olympic Games. Every two years, the countries do their best to come together and cheer on the world's best athletes. Yet for an institution that tries so desperately to unify the world, it does an amazing job of splitting apart communities.
Swiss Visiting London Olympics - House of Switzerland

Swiss Visitors at the London Olympics 2012

It has always been Rafael’s and my dream to visit the Olympic Games. Hearing that London is very affordable and less crowded at the end of the 2012 Olympics, we said: Let’s do it! Eighteen hours after the flight booking, we sat in the plane...
Switzerland New Olympic Disciplines

Disappointed Swiss Olympic Committee Requests New Sports

The Swiss are not happy with their Olympic performance in the summer games. The team expected as many as seven medals, but received only four...