Khurum Khan took his drone to Switzerland, and here's the result

When I first encountered Khurum Khan's photographs from Switzerland, I knew there was something special about the man who pressed that shutter...
Zürich West Wall Art

44 Minutes with Swiss Photographer Nico Schaerer

Nico Schaerer is a Zürich based photographer who has traveled the world. He has defined a unique approach to the beautiful art of photography...
Zürich West Wall Art

This first-time visitor to Gruyères captured the most stunning photographs

I have followed Andrea Monica Hug ever since our interview. Recently, this talented young photographer took her camera to the charming town of Gruyères...
photo17 - Helmut Karl Lackner

Inside photo17, Switzerland's largest photography exhibit

What happens when you ask 150 photographers in Switzerland to show their favorite works of the past year? Something like photo17 is what happens...
Zürich West Wall Art

18 fresh photographs from Zürich's urban westside

There was a time when Zürich city limits were defined by the lake, the rivers and the surrounding hills. Much has changed since then...


Portfolio Items

Viewfinder Center for Photography

dSLR 1-2-3 Digital Photography Course at Viewfinder Center

I used to shoot in "Automatic“ mode on my Canon dSLR, leaving lots of potential untapped. The dSLR photography course at Viewfinder Center...