Tour of Switzerland - Vintage Posters

A Tour of Switzerland in Vintage Tourism Posters

From snow-drenched slopes to glistening lakes and bustling cities, Switzerland is packed with opportunities for tourists. These vintage posters...
Vintage Automotive Car Posters Geneva Motor Show

Vintage Automotive Posters that'll put you in the Driver's Seat

It's impossible to walk past the display windows of vintage poster specialists Galerie Un-Deux-Trois in Geneva without stopping to stare...
Flims - Vintage Tourism Poster

Flims: Where Canada Meets Tibet

More than a hundred years ago, people discovered one of Switzerland’s most beautifully situated towns. Located in the canton of Graubünden, Flims is not your typical mountain village...
Vintage Swissair Posters

More vintage Swissair posters for aviation fans

Given the hassles of flying, it's hard to believe that it was once a great privilege. Up until 2002, Swissair was the former airline of Switzerland...

Top 10 Vintage Swissair Posters

After nearly a decade has passed since the grounding, the legacy of Swissair can still be felt today. And as my selection of top 10 vintage Swissair posters reveals, the Swissair marketing department must have been designer heaven…