Swiss Easter Tradition

A child-proof explanation of the Easter Bunny tradition

Before heading out for the Easter egg hunt with your kids, don’t you wonder where the unusual Easter Bunny tradition comes from? A Swiss children's song...
Swiss French - Cornet

Here's what you need to know about the Swiss French language

Even if you have studied French for years, you might be puzzled by how the Swiss French language differs from what they speak in France. Take a cornet...

A Primer on Swiss Beers

Beer is one of the oldest fermented beverages. Despite its popularity and monetary allure, Swiss beer has received little attention - until recently...
Ticino Autumn Festivals

Our guide to the best autumn festivals in Ticino

Autumn is probably the greatest season for the glutton. There are many food and craft festivals in Ticino, such as the grape or marroni festivals...
Zurich Oerlikon Park - Stadt Zurich

A Primer on Swiss Childcare from Rockmybaby (Sponsored Post)

It's not easy balancing work and family life - wherever you are in the world. So when Rockmybaby approached us about their services, I was intrigued...
Swiss Apprenticeship System - Swissmem

The Swiss Apprenticeship System (A Model for the World)

The Swiss apprenticeship system gives youth a choice of pursuing an education together with an apprenticeship - versus a purely academic path...
Basel - Basler Fasnacht 2013 - Copyright by Bill Harby

A Primer for the Basler Fasnacht Carnival

Carnivals mean floats, parades, costumes, and parties. It’s a time to be a little wild and go a little crazy before lent starts. Unless you are in Basel...
Swiss Whisky Overview

Our ultimate guide to understanding Swiss winter weather

What does the weather have in store for Switzerland this winter? Before we know it, we might get hit by a blizzard and still end up with no white Xmas...
Swiss Whisky Overview

A Primer on Swiss Whisky

Think of Switzerland, and you surely don’t think of whisky. But like so many other things, just because the Swiss did not invent it doesn't mean...