Swiss Winter Drinks - Glühmost

7 Swiss winter drinks you need to try (recipes inside!)

Switzerland has almost as many winter drinks as it has snow-covered mountains. Here are seven foolproof recipes for Swiss winter drinks...
Swiss Christmas Cookie Recipe - Spitzbuebe

"Spitzbuebe" are my favorite Swiss Christmas cookies, and here's the recipe

I took up baking while living abroad. Call it an act of desperation, but I was really missing those typical Swiss Christmas cookies. Tin cans filled with...
Basler Läckerli from Vermont, USA

Basler Läckerli Made in Vermont, USA (Recipe)

We were recently contacted by Carolyn in Vermont who had a curious problem. For her neighbor Bob's 83rd birthday, she would be baking Basler Läckerli... - Food Delivery in Switzerland

Ravioli di Ricotta à la Pesto Rosso - Bringing Home the Farm with Farmy

With the arrival of a new year comes a chance to reinvent old practices and embrace new traditions. Farmy delivers farm fresh foods all over Switzerland...
Three Kings Cake Recipe - Dreikönigskuchen

Our baking recipe for the traditional Three Kings Cake

Three Kings Day has to be among the favorite family traditions for many in Switzerland. It is celebrated annually on Epiphany, and Three Kings Cake is...
Swiss Baking - Basler Fastenwaehe Recipe

Baking Recipe: Basler Fastenwähe

By merely looking at it, you could call Fastenwähe a pretzel of sorts. But once you have tried this delicious and slightly chewy flatbread...
Swiss Christmas Cookies

3 Swiss Christmas Cookie Recipes with Air Time

We are in the middle of advent and many must have already set up their Christmas trees. I will be baking my favorite Swiss Christmas cookies...