Clack! by Matthias Bünzli

This photographer makes modern Switzerland look retro

Project Clack! by Zürich photographer Matthias Bünzli is an artistic throwback to the beginnings of travel photography. During the post-war boom years...
Radio Man - Swiss Yodeling Robot

Radio Man is a Swiss robot that actually yodels

So we fell in love with this quirky robot man from the past. That's because it features some of the finest Swiss engineering - and it yodels...
Swallow-d Vintage Retro Gadgets Gifts Fabrics Shop Kreis 4 Zürich

Traveling Back in Time at Swallow-d in Zürich

We were recently warped back in time when we entered Swallow-d in Zürich’s Kreis 4. The interior of this retro shop is an entirely different world...

Vintage Swiss Travel Pamphlets - Locarno/Ascona

I have a knack for vintage postcards, stamps and brochures. So over the next few weeks, I will be presenting you with a number of vintage Swiss travel pamphlets from my personal collection...
If Switzerland Were Invaded By Aliens

If Switzerland Were Invaded by Aliens

Have you ever wondered what Switzerland would look like under an alien attack? We wondered, so we researched it and found some eerily convincing evidence...
Vintage Swiss Postcard from 1964

Look at these vintage Swiss postcards from 1964!

What's better than enjoying a bucket list experience in the mountains of Switzerland? Sharing a glimpse of it with loved ones by sending them a postcard...