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Radio Man is a Swiss robot that actually yodels

Popular Science Cover

So we fell in love with this quirky robot man from the past. That's because it features some of the finest Swiss engineering - and it yodels!

Wait a second, it yodels?!?

That's right! In 1939, the Popular Science magazine ran a story on "Radio Man", a robot built entirely by Swiss engineer August Huber. It was designed to "walk, talk, and yodel", which is actually pretty cool even for today's standards.

At the time, sci-fi writers imagined all kinds of robot servants which would help us with chores and drive us to work. In a small town in the canton of Appenzell, Mr. Huber worked very hard on the very goal to create that perfect bot.

Radio Man - Swiss Yodeling Robot

Fun fact: Prior to "Radio Man" (officially called SABOR IV), our research has uncovered that at least three other robots emerged from Mr. Huber's lab. One of them he started building at the age of 12!

What skill would your robot have if you could pick anything? Yodel, anyone?

Read the original article on Google Books (page 122)

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Dimitri Burkhard

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