Perfect Summer Weekend in Schaffhausen

A blueprint for the perfect summer weekend in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is a feast for the eyes. The cobble stone alleys are lined with centuries old buildings. Each house has its own look with unique decorations...
Büsingen Phone Booths

What it's like inside Switzerland’s German and Italian enclaves

Switzerland is a land-locked country. And despite the small size of the country, two foreign territories are actually locked inside: A German and Italian...
Schaffhausen Old Town

This was not our last weekend getaway to Schaffhausen

Architecture, food, nature and charm: Name a town that has it all! Any season is the perfect time for a weekend getaway to Schaffhausen...
Schaffhausen Democracy

Why Schaffhausen takes democracy as seriously as ancient Athens

Despite not being nestled on the jagged cliffs of the Aegean sea, Switzerland did have similarities with ancient Greece over 700 years ago...
Rhine Falls Neuhausen, Switzerland

Rhine Falls: An Unexpected Wild Spot 1 Hour from Zürich

The highest waterfalls in Europe are less than an hour away from Zürich; we had to go there! The Rhine Falls are 150 m wide and offer great view points...