EATbyalex Clean Eating Programs - Switzerland

I'm hooked on the clean eating dishes from EATbyalex

Have you heard of clean eating? We are living in a world with an abundance of food, yet somehow eating has become stressful...
FLYERBEE - Posters in Zurich

FLYERBEE to strengthen the democracy of poster advertising

Where do most people get their information about cultural events? Posters act as the banner ads of the physical world, and Zürich based FLYERBEE...
Startup in Switzerland - Dino Reichmuth

What it takes to run a Startup in Switzerland

As of late, a great deal has been written about the Swiss startup ecosystem. These entrepreneurs taught me a lesson on running a startup...
Spoontano Dinner

How Spoontano connects Expats and Locals

Willing to meet other young professional but tired of your group of expats? The answer is Spoontano, a social platform that matches open-minded people...
Startups Zurich

Switzerland’s Startup Scene is Warming Up

From creative hubs to accelerators like Kickstart and the Digital Festival, the proof is in the pudding that Zürich is about to erupt with digital startups.
MOVU - Moving Apartments in Switzerland

Moving Apartments Made Easy with MOVU (Sponsored Review)

I am a meticulous cleaner. When moving apartments in Switzerland, I cleaned everything (even the shutters), but at the handover...
Wildbiene und Partner - Urban Bee Farming

Why Bees Are All The Buzz in Switzerland

There has been talk about how the world’s bee population is at risk of dying out. Wildbiene + Partner is the brainchild of ETH biologists...
Fotokite Phi Quadcopter

Swiss Innovation on a Leash - Meet the Fotokite Phi Quadcopter

The crowdfunding campaign for the Fotokite Phi quadcopter has taken off like a flying object with four propellers! Developed by a Swiss start-up...
Zum guten Heinrich Zürich

Zum guten Heinrich - From the Farm to the City

Did you know that each year in Switzerland, one third of the perfectly good food we create is discarded? That is equal to two million tonnes,..