Stereotyping the Legend of Wilhelm Tell

Guglielmo Tell, the stubborn macho who refused to bow to Gessler’s hat on a pole in the middle of the piazza of Altdorf, Uri. Primissima...
TELL Musical - Interview with Fabian Egli

In the Footsteps of Tell - Interview with Fabian Egli

Newly Swissed got 30 minutes with Fabian Egli, the talented Swiss baritone playing the famed national hero. We visited him in Walenstadt, a small village...

Tell - Das Musical

Newly Swissed has given away two pairs of tickets to the world premiere of TELL - DAS MUSICAL!

The Chronicles of William Tell: From Folklore to Musical

William Tell is the world famous Swiss hero from the 13th century, whose legend has been retold thousands of times in many languages since 1475...