Meat Buying in Italy

How to Bring Meat into Switzerland (without accidentally smuggling it)

When I moved to Switzerland, I was shocked about how expensive meat is. Now, I want to teach you how to bring meat into Switzerland from Europe...
Francs or Euros - A New Appreciation for the Exchanges

Euros or Francs? A New Appreciation for the Exchanges

I have never been one to watch the world markets even though I studied economics many years ago. "Euros or francs?" used to be the most pressing...
Ticino Autumn Festivals

Our guide to the best autumn festivals in Ticino

Autumn is probably the greatest season for the glutton. There are many food and craft festivals in Ticino, such as the grape or marroni festivals...
Stralugano 2014

Stralugano - The Doubt and the Delight of a 10K Run

Admittedly, I've done far too little speedwork this summer. So I wasn't in the best shape to tackle Ticino's largest and noisiest 10 km race: Stralugano...
Juna Project - Brunello

Ride a Bike, Share a Bike - The JunaProject from Ticino

Everyone loves bicycles. They are fun and they keep you healthy. Plus, Switzerland's cities have bike sharing services. The JunaProject takes...
swissminiatur in Melide - Miniature Switzerland

Swissminiatur in Melide - How to See Switzerland in an Hour

Swissminiatur brings back memories from my childhood. My sister and I would bug our parents constantly to take us to miniature Switzerland in Ticino...
Roof Tops in Meride Ticino, Switzerland

Meride, Ticino - The Reality of a Postcard Perfect Village

At the foot of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio, Meride has just one road running through it, and cars may not park inside the village...
Locarno Film Festival - Piazza Grande

Locarno Film Festival - Leopard Craziness in Locarno

Locarno is one of the nicest little towns in Ticino. My heart melted as I found out how incredible this town gets during the Locarno Film Festival...
Longlake Festival 2014 in Lugano Switzerland

Live at the LongLake Festival in Lugano

Packed bars along Lugano's lakeshore and crowds of people promenading leave us fretting about making it to the much-anticipated Longlake Festival...