Coop Summer in Switzerland

72 budget friendly Switzerland summer breaks (Sponsored)

Switzerland is a veritable playground for nature lovers. And in the midst of all of this natural beauty, there are 72 hotels offering budget friendly offers...
Aescher Wildkirchli at Alpstein

9 places in Switzerland to see in your lifetime

Switzerland offers countless highlights and it would take half a lifetime to visit them all. Here are 9 places in Switzerland you have to see in your lifetime!
Zero Star Hotel in Teufen, Switzerland

This Zero Star Hotel offers views of the universe

Imagine a queen size bed with fine Egyptian linen sheets. Now, remove the walls of your suite. Et voilà: You're staying the night at the Zero Star Hotel...
Appenzell Getaway Guide

Why you should drop everything and visit Appenzell

When people ask me where my family is from and I say "Appenzell", I usually get the response: "Like the cheese?" This region is often overlooked...
Lavaux Vineyards in the Evening

5 Swiss Summer Experiences for your Bucket List

Assuming you have mastered the alphorn and have floated in Switzerland’s lakes, you may be wondering: What’s next? These five summer experiences...
Alpine Descent Switzerland

5 Swiss Autumn Experiences for your Bucket List

When the mornings start out with fog, you know that autumn has arrived. Just in time, we have collected some truly unique Swiss autumn experiences...

Is Transit-Hotel the Future of Tourism in Switzerland?

In order to design a sustainable hotel project, the future of tourism cannot be ignored. Transit-Hotel is a master thesis in architecture which looks...

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Switzerland Tourism Expat Welcome Package

Switzerland Tourism welcome kit for expats (Sponsored)

Now that you have settled in your new home, it's time to make plans for your leisure time! Switzerland Tourism offers a free welcome kit for newly arrived...
Fribourg, Switzerland

Why Fribourg is a hidden gem worth visiting (Sponsored)

When you feel like taking a break from your daily routine but are lacking time to escape to a beach far away, a city break in Fribourg...