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Switzerland Travel Trends 2023: What to Expect

As it’s in our name, we’re all about new things in Switzerland. Today, we’re excited to share the latest Switzerland travel trends in 2023.

This pristine little country embraces its nature and cultural heritage. So it’s especially nice to see that some of the latest trends in Switzerland in 2023 highlight these aspects.

During our research, we’ve identified five key travel trends that are gaining momentum. And we predict that you will soon see tourists post about these experiences on social media.

Here are the key Switzerland travel trends in 2023:

Touring Switzerland by train 🛤️

First up, the touristic mega trend of touring will take over the Swiss railway network. We predict that train travel in Switzerland will gain steam as soon as the last snow melts.

During these past few years, we have all been worn out by various health and safety measures due to the pandemic. Going on a train journey wearing a face mask was not a pleasant experience.

Now that normalcy has returned, more and more tourists will be booking their window seats on the premium train lines of Switzerland. Is there a better way to see the beauty and diversity of a country while leaving a minimal ecological footprint?

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The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland will be much talked about in 2023. This tour has no particular entry point or destination, covering 1280 kilometers. Instead, the eight sections string together the best train lines in Switzerland.

Thanks to the suggestions, you can pick any suggested tours on the regular rail network. Think Bernina Express, Glacier Express, or the new GoldenPass Express.

From the comfort of your (reserved) seat, you can witness Switzerland's stunning landscapes without worrying. Those feeling ambitious can complete the entire tour in four or up to eight days.

Green and sustainable travel in Switzerland 🌱

Demand for sustainable travel will continue to grow in 2023. More travelers will seek to reduce their environmental impact while exploring the world. And they will seek to support local artisans and service providers instead of corporate chains.

This is good news for Switzerland, a country with sustainability etched into its DNA. There is still potential to offer more green choices in tourism. But many initiatives and programs under the Swisstainable label are ready to book in 2023.

By definition, Switzerland’s public transportation system promotes responsible travel.

Public transportation reduces your carbon footprint, allows you to enjoy the scenery, and avoids traffic and parking problems.

Another way to travel sustainably in Switzerland is to stay in eco-friendly accommodations, such as hotels, hostels, and campsites, with a low environmental impact. Switzerland has many eco-friendly accommodations that use renewable energy, recycle waste, and source local products.

We have already gone in-depth about sustainable travel in Switzerland, declaring this as one of the main travel trends for 2023.

Spring break in Switzerland 🌷

Many Swiss take time out of their daily routine for spring break to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Switzerland is an ideal destination for spring break travelers in 2023. From flower shows to outdoor concerts, the season promises some nice activities.

Forbes and the New York Times have selected Lausanne in Switzerland as one of the top destinations in 2023. This is a great pick, as Lausanne enjoys a mild climate during spring. Thanks to the southern exposure, magnolia, and cherry trees are usually in full bloom sooner than anywhere else.

Nearby, Morges hosts an annual tulip festival featuring displays throughout the town. Locarno in Switzerland’s south is famous for its camellia festival. And above all, flower lovers will appreciate the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms in Switzerland.

While some prefer calming time in nature, others flock to the year’s first outdoor music festivals.

The Cully Jazz Festival, Les Hivernales in Nyon, Caprices in Crans-Montana, and Zermatt Unplugged are just some of the events to kick off the music festival season.

And if you happen to be in Zermatt for the festival, try the latest cable car in Switzerland: Matterhorn Alpine Crossing offers a direct link between Zermatt, Switzerland, and Cervinia, Italy. Thanks to this innovative cable car project, you can enjoy two birds with one stone.

👉 So, is spring a good time to visit Switzerland?

Given all the outdoor events, spring is a good time to visit Switzerland. And thanks to the mild weather with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, you can see many highlights with fewer tourists than during peak season.

This also means that top experiences such as the notoriously popular Glacier Express train line or Chillon Castle are accessible and slightly less crowded.

Fountain dipping during summer in Switzerland ⛲

Swiss towns wear history on their sleeves. From century-old architecture to traditions rooted as far back as medieval times, it's easy to step back in time.

We don’t blame you for assuming that Swiss cities and towns don’t change with the times. However, this is not the case, as summer 2023 is about to prove.

Local tourism boards are constantly innovating to attract tourists. This summer, they are introducing a new trend: fountain dipping.

Valendas Center with Fountain
A large wooden fountain in Valendas, Switzerland

This aptly-named trend allows you to (legally) dive into selected fountains across Switzerland. It’s a fantastic idea for participating towns to let us cool off in the cold, crystal-clear water spewing from their public fountains. 

Fountains have been largely underrated. Thanks to clean and free drinking water, they set the country apart from most other European cities.

The aptly named practice of fountain dipping is a truly unique experience. Given the countless fountains in Switzerland, including more than 1200 fountains in Zurich alone, we expect lots of social media content about this trend.

Wellness tourism in Switzerland 💦

If your definition of wellness doesn’t include public fountains, look no further than Switzerland’s spa resorts. Thanks to hot springs, Switzerland has a long tradition of thermal baths and spas dating back to Roman times.

Bürgenstock Alpine Spa on a foggy day
Bürgenstock Spa in Switzerland

Now that the pandemic seems a thing of the past, more and more travelers return to spas to improve their physical and mental health. 

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global wellness tourism market is expected to reach $1,592 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%.

Switzerland is well-positioned to capture a share of this market. There are high-end spa resorts and clinics in places like Bad Ragaz, Leukerbad, and Vals. They offer ways to recharge your batteries, from rejuvenating treatments to holistic therapies and yoga retreats to detoxing with natural remedies.

Emerging food trends in Switzerland 😋

As for culinary trends, we will see more plant-based and vegetarian options on Swiss menus. We can’t call this a trend anymore. We hope vegan and vegetarian food becomes a standard in any restaurant.

The trend towards using local products is also continuing, with a particular emphasis on using seasonal ingredients. Another trend is using traditional Swiss ingredients in contemporary dishes, such as alpine herbs or alpine cheese.

Another trend is the revival of old recipes and the integration of ethnic influences into Swiss cuisine. Such mash-ups can lead to an interesting variety of flavors and culinary experiences.

We also predict a growing demand for local and organic wines, particularly from the wine regions in Valais and Ticino. We have covered some innovative vineyards in Visperterminen and Morcote in the past. And we hope they receive more attention from tourists this summer and autumn.

Visperterminen Heida Wine Hike
Wine Hike in Visperterminen

Did we miss any Switzerland travel trends? 🇨🇭

While researching the Switzerland travel trends in 2023, one thing became apparent: we seek authentic, responsible, and meaningful experiences. In this changing world, we want to be sure that the precious time we spend in another country yields unforgettable memories.

Switzerland is well-positioned to offer all of this - and more. Thanks to sustainable travel initiatives, wellness tourism, and quirky experiences like fountain dipping, travelers will surely return home with lots to tell.

Fountain Dipping in Switzerland - Swimming in a Fountain in Bern

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