Zurich ZRH Airport

Ambient Sounds featuring Zürich Airport ZRH

There is beauty in a soundscape and beauty in design. And for once, they seem both thoughtfully made while remaining marvelously malleable...
Prodibi - Swiss Start-up

Prodibi Brings Hi-Def Pictures to the Web

High definition pictures and the web. An impossible love? You have probably experienced long loading times with high quality pictures displayed on a website...
Memoria St. Gallen

MEMORIA St. Gallen - Virtual Time Traveling

Capturing and sharing the history of St. Gallen in a visually engaging way is the main objective of the non-profit MEMORIA project...
Matterhorn AIRPANO

Wonderful Panoramic Views of the Matterhorn

In times when Google Street View is hitting the ski slopes, it is refreshing to find some alternative ways of virtually exploring the world... Profile

Swiss Startup Aims to Find your Talents is the brainchild of four University of St. Gallen students. Like a boy band, they were teamed together and tasked to use Design Thinking in order to come up with an idea to a common (current) problem...

2 Swiss Social Apps Put to the Test

A while back, we reported on a few Swiss startups that we think will make it big. Since then, I’ve tested out two of the services mentioned in the article: Spontacts and Connexio. While these two services could not be any more different...

7 Innovative Web Startups Based in Switzerland

Lately, there has been quite some buzz as the Greater Zurich Area is working on branding itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe. The entrepreneurs behind some of the most innovative start-up firms are young, dynamic and visionary. So here are seven of my favorite web startups based in Zürich:...