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Ambient Sounds featuring Zürich Airport ZRH

Zurich ZRH AirportThere is beauty in a soundscape and beauty in design. And for once, they seem both thoughtfully made while remaining marvelously malleable. You just have to listen in to see what I mean!

What you will hear is a mixture of ambient music without words, absent of chorus and refrain (the usual reference points). Soul, message and pure power.

Combine that with clear directions: "Departure in eight minutes" in aviation English, static, German and French mixed with English, police callouts from the US intertwined with the tower at ZRH airport.

You read it right, Zürich Flughafen!

Unique soundscapes from various sources

Youarelisteningto StreamYouarelisteningto takes free streams from image databases and Wikimedia, from live city police scanners, from YouTube and Soundcloud, and it combines them into mash-up soundscapes of your own design.

I cannot stress enough how awesome this is! For instance, here is my favorite stream using the ZRH airport tower voice and some calming ambient music.

The maker of this site, Eric Eberhardt, was featured on a design podcast called 99% Invisible, which is where I had originally heard about it. It all started with this original mash-up for LA in 2011, but most American cities as well as major international airports have now been included as well.

You are cleared for takeoff...

James Violette

James has been living in Switzerland on and off for the last seven years, and is passionate about American and Swiss pop-culture, podcasts and cooking. James loves good beer and is currently searching for more people to play Dominion with.

James Violette

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