Advent in St. Gallen City of Stars

Add these winter activities to your Swiss bucket list

Switzerland has not always carried the reputation of being a playground for winter sports enthusiasts. But today, there are a number of winter activities...
Advent in St. Gallen City of Stars

These Swiss lakes have a good chance of freezing over

There is never a guarantee that Switzerland's lakes freeze over. Because for a perfect surface of black ice, several environmental factors need to align...
Swiss Toddler Skiing

Why Swiss toddlers learn skiing before spelling

It is not uncommon for Swiss children to learn to ski before they start going to school. Many parents ski in Switzerland with their offspring...
Oeschinensee - Ice Skating 2015

Oeschinensee is the Ultimate Natural Ice Skating Rink

19 years had to pass for people in Switzerland to once again enjoy the natural miracle of snow-free ice on Oeschinensee in Kandersteg...
Speedyphoto - Stepfi Downhill Slope

15 gorgeous photographs of Grindelwald in winter

When it comes to capturing the natural beauty of Grindelwald, there is only one name that comes to mind: Speedy Füllemann. Born and raised in this...
Mount Rigi - Sledding

Here's how to discover winter sun and fun on Mount Rigi

With winter slowly blanketing the Helvetic cities and lakes, a beautiful autumn has come to an end. I discovered winter sun on Mount Rigi...
Advent in St. Gallen City of Stars

Advent in St. Gallen: 700 stars and culinary highlights

It's this time of the year when days get shorter. Perfect to hop on a train and enjoy advent in St. Gallen! The city of 700 stars awaits you with...

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Swarovski Ski Helmet by cp fashionatsports

All-in-one Ski Helmets from cp

Swiss brand cp knows a little something about fashion - and technology. Their ski helmets are the perfect unison of Swiss technology and Italian fashion...