Engelberg Brunni Snow Shoe Hiking

So we went snowshoeing in Engelberg Brunni (and it was amazing)

Engelberg is another Swiss magnet attracting the sportive natives and the nature loving tourists from around the world. On the one side of the valley...
Verbier Snow 'n' Rail with RailAway - Skiing in Verbier

Skiing in Verbier with Snow 'n' Rail

One of the benefits of living in Switzerland is that you can go anywhere by public transportation - including Alpine ski resorts!
Swiss Winter Style Guide - The Desalpes Company

Our ultimate guide to understanding Swiss winter weather

What does the weather have in store for Switzerland this winter? Before we know it, we might get hit by a blizzard and still end up with no white Xmas...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

5 Soul Soothing Alpine Hotels in Switzerland

We live in the kind of place that as a child you would dream about as you gleefully shook your snow globe. Alpine hotels in Switzerland complete the...
Zurich Tram Museum

Things to do in Zürich in Winter

Whether you have all but a few hours to kill, are planning a day-long city trip or want to surprise your date, Zürich has a lot to offer. Here are our favorite things to do in Zurich in winter...
Winter Wonderland - Lois Hechenblaikner

Switzerland: Alpine Playground or Winter Wonderland?

Back 200 years ago, the mountainous regions of Switzerland were largely off limits in the minds of the local population. But thanks in part to the curious British, the Swiss Alps have become easily accessible just a few generations later...
Velogemel Snow Bike

Velogemel - A Traditional Swiss Snow Bike

Just think about it: Don’t the Swiss have a knack for inventing cool gadgets? Among others, they have churned out Swatch watches, the zipper or even velcro...
Heissi Marroni Roasted Chestnuts Zurich

My Swiss Winter Obsession: Roasted Chestnuts

With the days getting colder, Swiss towns and cities are decking the halls with Christmas lights, Glühwein booths and roasted chestnut stands...
Swiss Winter Style Guide - The Desalpes Company

Switzerland Winter Style Guide

Winter is just around the corner, and style plays a big role with the Swiss who are known to have good taste. Statistically speaking, they are the wealthiest people in the world...