Story Teller Event, Vitznauerhof

Story Teller - When was the last time you told a story?

While growing up, we used to eat dinner together as a family. We would talk about the happenings of the day, a tradition that is getting lost. Story Teller...
Wrting Workshop Skills

Here are 9 valuable things I learned at writing workshops

As a writing workshop organizer, being a writing workshop attendee is part of the job. That’s why I’ve attended ten of them, and here's what I've learned...
Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Factory

These chocolate factories in Switzerland offer tours for the public

Switzerland and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Everyone knows it, but few know how to experience the magic of chocolate firsthand...
Inspire925 - ImpactHUB

Creativity - The Secret to Switzerland's Continued Success

It is Thursday evening at 9:45 PM, and I am stepping into the Simplon Bar off of Zurich's famous Bahnhofstrasse...
Nuance Words Writing Workshops

Nuance Words - Writer Seeking Writers (Guest Post)

One year later, I had assimilated pretty well. And when the supermarkets started selling Marmite, the "Things-I-Miss" list dwindled to almost nothing. Almost. I missed other writers...
Inspire925 Conference

Inspire925 Conference for Happier Workplaces

There is a great deal to be said about city rivalries. Most countries have a city that people have a love-hate relationship with: New York, Toronto, Berlin...
Ribizli sweetertainment - Alexandra and Timi

Learning to Bake and Decorate Cakes in Zürich

I first came across Ribizli sweetertainment when doing research for our 2012 Gift Guide. The name sounded very catchy, so the amateur baker inside of me wanted to find out what this Zürich based start-up is all about...

Meet Switzerland's Original Grill Sheriff

Recently, my BBQing skills advanced from a "I usually get it…