Hotel Atlantis by Giardino in Zürich, Switzerland

Hotel Atlantis by Giardino is an urban retreat in Zürich

At the base of Zürich's Üetliberg hill sits a legendary hotel with a five-star superior rating: Hotel Atlantis by Giardino...


Cirque Eloize - HOTEL

Cirque Éloize performs HOTEL (Zürich)

Those who love circuses as much as we do know one thing: many of the best troupes originate from Montréal, Canada! Such as Cirque Éloize.
Sechseläuten Zürich by Cloudia Chen

Sechseläuten Parade (Zürich)

Sechseläuten is a quintessential Zürich experience which should not be missed. To outsiders, it is best described as a kind of Groundhog Day with camels...
Kreislauf 345 Zurich 2018

Kreislauf 345 Neighborhood Discovery Weekend (Zürich)

Discover Zürich's eclectic districts 3, 4 and 5 in one weekend. All day Saturday and Sunday, some 89 boutiques, shops, galleries and service providers...
Hugh Jackman Tour 2019

Hugh Jackman - The Man. The Music. The Show. (Zürich)

Be the first to snag a much prized ticket for Hugh Jackman's world tour! On May 19, 2019, this talented Aussie will be performing in Zürich's Hallenstadion...
Cirque du Soleil TORUK

Cirque du Soleil’s “TORUK” is coming to Zürich in 2019

You might have heard of Avatar, the Blockbuster film by James Cameron? This summer, TORUK is bringing the mystical world of Pandora to Zürich...
ZueriFaescht 2019

ZüriFäscht - Zürich Summer Festival 2019

Every three years, Zürich is turned upside down for three days during ZüriFäscht. Once again in 2019, a plethora of 300 food stalls will line Limmatquai...
EXPOVINA Wine Fair Zurich

66th EXPOVINA Wine Fair (Zürich)

EXPOVINA has been around for longer than most can remember, so the locals have come up with their own name: Wyschiff. This year, Provins will be...