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Today’s Office Looks Like This – Interview with a Digital Nomad

Today's Office Looks Like This

Video conferencing, online document sharing, file transferring and instant messaging: These are some of the tools readily available for digital workers these days.

Besides the obvious benefit of mobility, many surveys have shown that businesses (especially start-ups and the self-employed) have benefitted tremendously not only from cost savings on less office space, but also from productivity boosts of their employees.

However, those of us who work from home will (sheepishly) admit that the home office is not always free from distractions. Take the silly cat jumping on your work desk, knocking over the cup of tea. Or your kid banging on the study room door wanting cuddles despite being told that "mummy/daddy is working." The list is endless.

Or simply, the four walls can get a tad bit too much. We have all been there.

How would you like this view for a day?

Today's Office Looks Like This

This isn't too shabby either.

Today's Office Looks Like This


Today's Office Looks Like This

Meet Katrin Gygax, author of the book Today's Office Looks Like This.

Katrin is a freelance travel writer, translator - and digital nomad. Like the rest of us, she has frequented the usual spots near her home for a change of pace and scenery. She then decided to arm herself with a first class rail pass (GA), and the entire transport network of Switzerland was soon her oyster.

Her favorite locations for digital workers are now compiled in a book. The suggestions range from posh hotels and charming local cafés to the great outdoors, with stunning views of the Alps in the background. Suitable for every budget, each location comes complete with tips and feedback on available services and costs.

Today's Office Looks Like This

Not only does the book contain lots of ideas for alternative office locations, a lot of wit was injected into her descriptions. There was even a hysterically funny exchange of emails when she was arranging for a tour of the KKL Luzern.

Today's Office Looks Like This


Albergo Albrici in Poschiavo

Without giving too much away, Newly Swissed can share that Katrin's ultimate favorite spot from the entire book is Albergo Albrici in the town of Poschiavo, as it has an "absolutely fabulous rococo room."

Called the Sibylline Room, she loves it, as she is a "big fan of history and gilded things, mirrors with heavy frames, and this room is exactly like that."

Today's Office Looks Like This

Loads of other little gems can be found scattered throughout the book: Katrin's favorite train route from Chur to Brig (which is incidentally one of the routes of the Glacier Express).

Riding this route on a normal SBB train means that you will get to enjoy the same picturesque landscape without the noise, overly enthusiastic camera clicking tourists and eye-watering prices. Sometimes, you will even get the additional bonus of having the entire compartment to yourself.

I did not know that! All I know for sure is that I need to get out more. On behalf of my future budget conscious visitors, I thank Katrin in advance.

Glacier Express


Caféstübli in Chur

Katrin's recommendation for excellent homemade desserts is the Cafestübli in Chur. She thinks it is "the cutest café" and is definitely worth checking out. Yes, her description made me want to hop on the next train to Chur...

Here is Katrin's favorite corner at Cafestübli in Chur:

Today's Office Looks Like This

We will not be revealing any more secrets, but rest assured that this book would be the perfect gift for someone who regularly works from home. Or simply a useful addition to your collection of Switzerland related books...

Today's Office Looks Like This

Katrin's book, Today's Office Looks Like This, can be ordered on Amazon.

(Portrait photograph courtesy Nora Tesmond, Glacier Express photo courtesy of Great Rail Journeys Limited)

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Gabrielle is a self confessed shoe hoarder and bagaholic with a love for all things beautiful. She is equally passionate about animal welfare, travel, classical music and discovering the next gastronomic experience. Gabrielle is based in Zürich with her Norwich terrier, Oskar.

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