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Vidis Kochtuete Cooking KitWhen you come home late from work, it is always good to see a fridge that someone stocked with love and care. One hundred francs for three meals a week: Vidis Kochtüte delivers the freshest vegetables, meats, fish and herbs to your door - along with inspirational recipes.

Each recipe is easy to follow and takes 30 minutes max - even for someone who has never worn an apron before... Instructions come in English and German, so you can even improve your language skills while cooking!

Vidis Kochtuete Cooking KitBehind Vidis Kochtüte is a lovely couple: Marko and Isabella Vidmar. Every week, they want to share their passion for cooking with people in Zürich. Their approach is to create balanced meals which are fun and easy to cook.

As a busy couple, we took advantage of their careful service and received a tote full of freshness. Especially, I wish I could let you sniff the carefully picked and bundled herbs, an amazing combination of aroma: Basil, dill, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme!

Vidis Kochtuete Cooking KitWe received three meals for the week. First off, I jumped at the chanterelle ragout with blueberries and spaetzle. I never knew how to handle these yellow mushrooms that emerge in Swiss autumn.

Vidi's instructions even included steps on how to clean them (with flour) and sauté them without losing their flavor. And as a Newly Swissed chef, now I know how to prepare spaetzle which were only available at Swiss restaurants before! And finally, blueberries had never left my breakfast bowl until know... What a combination!

Vidis Kochtuete Cooking KitThe next day, we tried out the thyme coated pollock with potato wedges and cucumber salad.

Finally, it was time for my husband to prove his cooking instincts... It was impressive! He treated me to a turkey saltimbocca with sensational fiori al limone and a cherry tomato salad! What a night!

Vidis Kochtuete Cooking Kit
Vidis Kochtuete Cooking KitThis journey was about more than a bag of ingredients. At the moment when Marko hand delivered our week of joy with a friendly smile, we knew that Vidis Kochtüte would feed our souls, too. Thank you, Marko and Isabella!

Vidis Kochtuete Cooking Kit

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