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Switzerland vs. World by Riverboom

"Switzerland vs. The World" is a canny series of photographs

How does Switzerland stack up against the world? This series of photographs by Lausanne based photographer, Claude Baechtold, is ingenious...
Vevey - Pedestrian Crossing

Here are 10 of the most annoying Swiss "problems"

Switzerland seems perfect on the outside, but there are actually some really annoying problems plaguing its residents. Imagine all the stuff they have to...
Schilthorn - No Heels Allowed

11 examples of funny signage in Switzerland

The Swiss government has recently decided to retire several street signs. But apparently, they have retired the wrong ones! Funny signage in Switzerland is...
Facts You Didn't Know about Switzerland - Stereobelt

13 facts you (probably) didn't know about Switzerland

From architecture to food, learn interesting facts about Switzerland which will guarantee you some legitimate bragging rights at the next cocktail party...
Swiss Brands - Ricola

5 Swiss Brands You Should Recognize (And 5 You Don't Need to)

If you want to be smarter than a fifth grader, check out five essential Swiss brands you should recognize. As for the remaining five brands, they're less...
McDonalds in Switzerland

McDonald's Claim to Swissness

I am not one to frequent McDonald's often, but I was disappointed to have recently missed "Swiss Week"...