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W Verbier Design Hotel: Luxury in the Swiss Alps

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandVerbier has long been known as a sun soaked resort village with traditional Swiss chalets facing the Combins and Mont-Blanc mountains. But at least since the move-in of James Blunt, Verbier has gained a spot on the international stage.

Opening its doors in December 2013 as the chain's first ever ski resort hotel, the W Verbier cleaned up a parking lot at the base of the main ski slope and has redefined this town with its sleek yet bold urban atmosphere. When a generous invitation arrived from the W Verbier, we did not hesitate to experience this upscale Newly Swissed moment!

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandOur excitement grew as our gondola passed the W's lodge style buildings and its signature "W" sign... Despite being newly built, the W Verbier complex fit in nicely with the local look and feel.

Just a three minute walk from the gondola station, the friendly staff wearing red scarves welcomed us into the darkly polished lobby. As sweet as the scented candles placed on the counter, the receptionists and their warm smiles let us rewind from a long trip.

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandThe stylish "W Living Room" with a fully stocked bar and various comfy sofas (both inside and along the covered balcony) served as a precursor to what was to wait for us in our room...

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandThe business center is housed in an inviting hall with theater style lounge seating. The red entrance to the night club was impossible to miss!

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland

The Spectacular Room

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandThen, after the check-in, a friendly porter led us to our "Spectacular" room. To our delight, the room featured sparks of Swissness throughout: There was a cowhide chaise, lots of wooden textures and stone elements, red glass separating the bathroom area from the rest of the open floor plan, and even a shower faucet in the shape of the Swiss cross!

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandWe found stylish furniture, a Geneva sound system and even Bose surround sound speakers for the flat screen TV. All the classy design and superb technology was nicely balanced with some natural artifacts.

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland
W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland
W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandOur room was located on the same floor as the lobby. Due to the natural slope on which the hotel sits, we enjoyed some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains - right from the extra wide balcony!

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland
W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandThe W is a natural extension of Verbier's fun-tastic ski slopes. Skiers can now pull up to a snow bar complete with a live DJ. And as any winter sports enthusiast knows, the "après ski" part of skiing is just as important as the skiing itself...

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandIf slopeside cocktails are not your thing, we suggest ordering an "enhanced coffee" or a rich hot chocolate at the "W Café". It, too, conveniently sits just a few steps from where you clip out of your skis.

Our blogger friends Katja and Walter from have taken some fantastic photographs of the in-house restaurant and the two Michelin star courses. Alas, their pictures speak louder than words!

W Verbier Hotel in Verbier, SwitzerlandTruly, Verbier has evolved into an upscale destination in the Swiss Alps. But while most five-star hotels keep their guard higher to protect guest privacy, the W Verbier lets their guests feel right at home: We caught ourselves walking across the lobby to the spa in our bathrobes, and we chatted with other guests in the familial "Living Room" setting or at the in-house "Carve" night club.

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(Disclaimer: The W Verbier has generously provided us with one complementary night for this review.)

W Verbier
Rue de Médran 70
1936 Bagnes
Phone: +41 27 472 88 88


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