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Wild swimming in Ticino: 5 spots to take a (refreshing) dip

Wild Swimming in Ticino - Lavertezzo
Copyright Christoph Hurni

A new guidebook highlights the most spectacular natural swimming spots in Ticino.

Natural turquoise waterfall pools between dramatic worn rocks, small gorges where palm trees grow, and riverside beaches with sparkling sand: valleys in the Ticino region have all this in abundance. Natural Escapes Ticino contains 120 spots, including hidden places for bathing in rivers and lakes - or underneath waterfalls.

Here are five spots to try wild swimming in Ticino:

Pozzasc near Peccia - Hidden pool by the old mill

GPS 46.40904 8.64258

The green pool of the Peccia stream is cold, but no one seems to mind. It is so beautiful that you just have to jump in; after your swim, you can warm up in the old mill with a plate of steaming hot polenta. In the Grotto Pozzasc restaurant, a large copper pot hangs above an open fire, and visitors can watch the creamy corn mixture bubbling away.

Wild Swimming in Ticino - Peccia Pool

👉 How to get there

  • By public transport: from the ‘Peccia, Paese’ bus stop, walk 100 m up the road and follow the trail markers for ‘Piano di Peccia’ across the bridge, then follow the signpost for ‘Grotto Pozzasc’. (Walking time: 15 minutes)
  • By car: navigate to the car park at the Grotto Pozzasc restaurant in Peccia (GPS 46.40904 8.64258; walking time: 1 minute)

Cascata Piumogna in Faido - Waterfall with a "wow" effect

GPS 46.47758 8.79840

For those driving south through the Gotthard, a short detour to the village of Faido is definitely worthwhile. Here, an incomparable burst of freshness awaits you. The wide Piumogna mountain stream turns into a vibrant spray as it plunges down several tiers into a turquoise pool from a height of 40 meters. The grassy bank is the ideal place to enjoy a picnic and relax. 

Copyright Christoph Hurni

👉 How to get there

  • By public transport: from the ‘Faido, Posta’ bus stop, follow the trail markers for ‘Cascata Piumogna’. (Walking time: 5 minutes)
  • By car: navigate to the parking spaces opposite the Coop in Faido (46.47758 8.79840; walking time: 5 minutes)

Breggia Gorge - Submerge yourself in earth's history

GPS 45.85045 9.01136

The Breggia stream has laid bare geological history that is up to 200 million years old. It can be seen in the red-colored stratifications in the gorge’s walls. This insight into the history of the earth cannot be seen in this form anywhere else in the world. A particularly impressive spot can be found 150 meters above the weir of the former cement factory.

Copyright Christoph Hurni

👉 How to get there

  • By public transport: from the ‘Balerna’ railway station, follow the trail markers for ‘Parco Gole della Breggia’. (Walking time: 30 minutes)
  • By car: navigate to the visitors’ car park of the gorge (45.85045 9.01136) and then follow the trail markers for ‘Parco Gole della Breggia’ (walking time: 20 minutes)

Pozz di Vacch in Lavertezzo - Between polished rocks

GPS 46.25957 8.83773

There is often a great deal of hustle and bustle around Lavertezzo’s arched stone bridge in the Verzasca Valley. It is therefore great if you know of another beautiful natural pool within walking distance. The Pozz di Vacch, some 400 meters downstream, is much quieter yet also boasts turquoise waters. There are spots to jump from on the polished grey/orange rocks on the edge of the pool.

Copyright Christoph Hurni

👉 How to get there

  • By public transport: from the ‘Lavertezzo, Paese’ bus stop, walk down the main valley road to the playground across from the church. Walk downstream through the meadow to the last house. There, climb over the rocks down to the Verazsca. (Walking time: 5 minutes)
  • By car: navigate to the parking spaces in front of the diving club building (‘Gruppo Sub Verzasca’) in Lavertezzo (46.25957 8.83773). Walk along the main valley road to the aforementioned bus stop and then follow the directions above.

Cascate di Santa Petronilla - Seven pools high above Biasca

GPS 46.36132 8.97158

A gorge cuts its way down the hillside to Biasca. It is home to a chapel dedicated to Saint Petronilla and to seven inviting waterfall pools. When bathing in the largest of these natural pools, swimmers can see Biasca’s railway station way beneath them - the trains looking like model toys – and, above them, an old arched stone bridge with a waterfall. 

Copyright Christoph Hurni

👉 How to get there

  • By public transport: walk north to the Coop supermarket. Take the bridge over the railway tracks and follow the road to a trail with a stepped path (500 m). Walk uphill and before you get to the stone bridge, climb down to the pool. (Walking time: 30 minutes)
  • By car: navigate to the parking space behind the town hall of Biasca (46.36132 8.97158; walking time: 20 minutes)

Natural Escapes Ticino Book by Iwona Eberle and Christoph Hurni

Natural Escapes Ticino 💦

  • Swiss public transport and must-see experiences
  • How to save money in Switzerland
  • Paperback, EN, 288 pages

Guide to the most spectacular, unspoiled swimming spots in Ticino.

This publication is a winning collaboration between a writer and a photographer. On the lookout for spectacular, romantic, or simply hidden swimming spots in Ticino, Zurich-based author, Iwona Eberle, and photographer Christoph Hurni, from Bern, have scoured every corner of Ticino.

Just in time for summer's heat, Natural Escapes Ticino contains 120 of their favorite swimming spots to take a refreshing dip. Each of these spots can be reached within a maximum of one hour on foot from public transport or parking spaces. Many are also suitable for families.

Thanks to GPS coordinates of each location, as well as detailed maps and descriptions of how to get there, you can rest assured that you will find even the most remote spots. The guide also includes lots of safety tips and information on friendly local taverns, ice cream parlors, and farmers’ markets.

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