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Discovering More of Zürich West

By now, you will surely have heard the rumors that there is a new hotspot in Zürich!

Zürich West is what everyone is talking about, because this formerly industrial area is where the latest bars, hotels, nightclubs and shops are located.

Part of Zürich's District 5 and loosely bordered by Hardbrücke station and the shops at   Discovering More Zurich West

1. Start your tour at Hardbrücke Station

Upon exiting the station, you will notice a tall building to your left. This is the Prime Tower, and believe it or not, but it is the tallest building in Switzerland! At 126 m in height, it features the Clouds bar on the top floor. Expect a line though as the views on Zürich are quite spectacular!

2. Geroldstrasse

For free vistas which are just as spectacular (in a different kind of way), walk along Geroldstrasse to the   Now that you have worked up a hunger, swing by the latest urban farming/restaurant project next door:   Back on Geroldstrasse, pass the FREITAG store towards the shops which are nestled underneath the viaduct arches. On your way there, why not turn around and snap a picture of the two towers:   3. Stores at Im Viadukt

One end of     4. Diving under in the Schiffbau

Once you have dug through the delicious offerings at the market hall, walk up   5. Chilling at Spheres

After the sun has set, head over to Spheres, a combined bookshop/coffee shop/performance stage which is also within walking distance.

6. Spending the 25th Hour at 25hours Hotel

For colorful and comfy sleeps right in Zürich West, we can recommend the newly opened     Please share your personal recommendations for what to see and do in Zürich!

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  • rosmarie lefebvre

    boy zurich sure chanced a lot since i moved to the U.S.A. would not reconice it anymore.when i come home and visit familie ,we always go to the mountains,then zurich itself has chanced not for the best,to crouded.no more freandly faces nothing but hurry hurry it makes me feel very sad to see such big chances in zurich.and way to expensive with our dollars to visit. best regards rosmarie lefebvre