Panoramic Hike from Muottas Muragl to Pontresina

Add these Engadine hikes to your Swiss bucket list

We always thought our backyard was like a national park - until we saw the Upper Engadine valley. Imagine raging rivers and the smell of pinewood...
Swiss Town Bans Photographing

This Swiss town temporarily banned tourists from photographing

Beautiful flowers, mountains and cows: There is so much beauty in Bergün, it is quite unbearable! As of this May, the town banned tourists from taking...
Spontaneous trips with bbacksoon

This Swiss travel site surprised us with a spontaneous trip

If there is a more typically Swiss tag line than "We plan your spontaneity," I have yet to hear it. This is the pitch of bbacksoon, a Swiss travel site...
Hotel Saratz Pontresina

5 Reasons for Hotel Saratz (and for Pontresina)

"Allegra!" This soft greeting sounds like alphorn music to our ears. It is also a sign that we have left the city for Hotel Saratz in Pontresina...
Juf - Copyright by Single Cask Studios (

Visiting Juf, Europe's Highest Populated Town

My friend Jochen recently found out how his great-grandfather used to spend many summers up in Juf, Europe's highest permanent settlement...