15 more ways to piss off the Swiss

With more than 6000 social shares, 19 Ways to Piss off the Swiss has been among the most popular posts ever. Time for a follow-up with more ways to piss off the Swiss...

Calling someone during Tagesschau, the nightly news broadcast.

SF Tagesschau

Assuming we all work for FIFA.


"Belgian chocolate is the best."


Saying that Romansh is just a dead language that locals speak for the tourists.

Romansh - Way-Pointers

Thinking out loud: "What's with all the rules? How does anyone have fun?"


Bringing up banking secrecy and/or numbered accounts.

Swiss Bank Vault

Ordering "Swiss cheese" for your sandwich.


Hanging your laundry to dry on a Sunday.

Stewi Laundry

Saying how beautiful Switzerland is. When asked where you were, stating that you were in Geneva for the day...

Geneva Sunset

Referring to Switzerland as "South Germany".

CNN Geography Fail - Switzerland

Wondering that being surrounded by the world's best soccer teams, how come Switzerland sucks?


Bring up the topic of "Kantönligeist" (Berners are slow, Zürchers are snobbish, Aargauers can't drive for their life...)


Saying that an apprenticeship doesn't count as "higher education".


Asking whether Heidi was William Tell's love child?


Actually stating the fact that "with all those cows, no wonder this place smells!"

Grindelwald Cow
(Collaboration post with inputs from the Newly Swissed team)

Do you dig this kind of stuff? Here is the original post about 19 ways to piss off the Swiss...

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  1. kaymanaisle
    kaymanaisle says:

    You could add: washing your car on a Sunday, not making a payment on time, describing the Swiss as unfriendly (especially if you speak neither French nor German), aggressive road rage (the Swiss are among the calmest motorists in Europe)…


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