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15 Worries that Keep the Swiss Awake at Night

Beyond the very poised and unshakeable outwardly appearances of the stoic Swiss is a big brewing cauldron of emotions.

Their worries may be unlike those in the rest of the world. However, they are worrisome enough for the Swiss, anyway. We at Newly Swissed decided to dive into the Swiss psyche and create a list (Surprisingly, it did not take us very long.)

So, dear world, let us assure you: The Swiss do worry like the rest of us, after all! Here are 15 worries that keep the Swiss awake at night:

"With the franc losing its value, I won't be able to afford a vacation anymore."

No Vacation

"I better make a restaurant reservation for next month before it's all booked!"


"What if I forget to stock up on food for Sunday - let alone for a bridge holiday?"

No Shopping on Sundays in Switzerland

"Swiss dialects are dying out."


"Kids these days are unable to communicate in proper German."


"There are too many tourists."


"There are not enough tourists."


"And I'm concerned that they are not following our world-class traffic rules."


"Where can I find my favorite Swiss bread and cheese while on vacation?"

No Swiss Cheese Abroad

"And our vacation resort better provide Müesli for breakfast..."


"I hope it will snow this winter. But when it does, hopefully not too much."

Too little snow, too much snow

"Politics are turning too right/left wing."


"If my train is delayed, I will be late for the fondue party..."

Swiss Station Clock

"Those Swiss who shop in Germany are going to destroy the economy."


"And my apartment will smell of curry if an Indian neighbor moves in downstairs!"

(Collaboration post with inputs from the Newly Swissed team. Suitcase/station clock photographs copyright by


An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland's culture and traditions.

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  • I am glad you put the final one in – Foreigners settling in Switzerland are definitely something the Swiss are worried about (and quite logical to do so)

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