Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket Machine

Finding the Swiss Touch (Sponsored Video)

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer – enhanced for touch screens. This inspired me to capture the Swiss Touch!
Swiss Underwear

My Bottoms are Covered in Edelweiss

You will never guess what I found yesterday at a Swiss department store! A life-sized bull wearing Swiss-themed underwear...
Riesling Week 2013

Riesling Week is Coming to Switzerland

Satirist Viktor Giacobbo’s mockumentary Der Grosse Kanton is now playing across German speaking Switzerland. The film asks prominent politicians...
AIDA 2013 in Pfaeffikon - Festival La Perla

AIDA Outdoor Opera - An Unmissable Summer Event

Normally a quiet lakeside town, Pfäffikon near Zürich is going to turn it up a notch when they host the outdoor Festival La Perla this summer...
CONCRETE - Fotomuseum Winterthur

CONCRETE: Photography and Architecture (Review)

Switzerland is in many ways a perfect playing ground for architecture photographers: Weaving mills with loft apartments sit next to hypermodern schoolhouses...
Indoor Skiing Interlaken

7 weird things found in Switzerland

While entirely subjective, texting cows and indoor skiing are "weird" where I come from...
Blossoming Zuerich Sakura

Cherry Blossoms in Zürich

I have just spent two weeks in Japan and though we saw wild monkeys, deer and a 3000-year-old cedar tree, there wasn’t a cherry blossom in sight...
Geneva Switzerland by Bill

Geneva, can we just be friends?

Geneva, please believe me when I say that it’s not you, it’s me. I know you’re an interesting city...
Kompot Food Delivery

Kompot Delivers Fresh Meals to Zürich

With all the technology in the world, we would think that we should be working less and playing more than ever!