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Visiting Seleger Moor – Blooming Wetlands near Zürich

Seleger Moor Nature Park

An unexpected preserve with the best of what nature has to offer is located just a stone's throw from Zürich. The Seleger Moor in Rifferswil is a wetland area featuring blooming rhododendrons and azaleas, as well as a variety of ferns you never knew existed!

Seleger Moor Nature Park

Naturally, May and June is the main blooming season. A snaking path lined with blossoming flowers leads visitors through this wooded park. If you are the adventurous kind, it pays to leave the marked tracks and venture into the green...

Seleger Moor Nature Park

When we visited, the air was filled with singing birds and ribbits from the many frogs in the waterlily ponds.

Seleger Moor Nature Park
Seleger Moor Nature Park
Seleger Moor Nature Park
Seleger Moor Nature Park

Why not take your family, grandma, date or mom on a surprise visit to this hidden oasis?


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