Food Truck Fête Lausanne

Bill's Guide to the Food Truck Fête in Lausanne

On Thursday, Lausanne hosted savory-smelling food trucks. You did not need a passport to sample Argentine empanadas, Japanese gyoza...
Zurich Cemetery

The time we took a stroll through the cemeteries in Zürich

Maybe centuries of careful Swiss planning have bred impeccably quiet birds. The place with the most life is the place where Zürich buries its dead...
ZVV Anniversary - Zurich Main-Station

Congratulations to 25 Years of Zürich Public Transportation

I'm a great admirer of public transportation. For their 25th anniversary, the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV) is making a big gesture...
Zum guten Heinrich Zürich

Zum guten Heinrich - From the Farm to the City

Did you know that each year in Switzerland, one third of the perfectly good food we create is discarded? That is equal to two million tonnes,..
Swiss Office Taboos - Microwaving Cheese Fondue

10 Office Taboos in Switzerland

If you want to succeed at your new job in Switzerland, there are a number of office taboos you should avoid. Did you think showing off your hairy legs...
Swiss Wine - Perroy Open Cellar

Time to Explore Swiss Wine - Open Cellars in Vaud

Spring is in the air! Time for a change of scenery and a visit to Vaud. The vineyards in this beautiful area will open their cellars to the crowds...
Lang/Baumann - Street Painting5 Vercorin

Psychedelic Art by Lang/Baumann - Our Interview

Have you seen these psychedelic paintings on rural Swiss streets, bridges or tunnels? The street art of Lang/Baumann is a sublime experience...
Hiking above Lutry

Hiking the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces in Spring

The historic vineyards perched along steep hillsides reaching up from the shores of Lac Léman comprise the historic Terrasses de Lavaux...
Meat Buying in Italy

How to Bring Meat into Switzerland (without accidentally smuggling it)

When I moved to Switzerland, I was shocked about how expensive meat is. Now, I want to teach you how to bring meat into Switzerland from Europe...