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31 reasons why Switzerland is the happiest country

Lake Zurich Boat Arrival - April 2015

Switzerland has just been named the world's happiest country in a survey of 158 nations.

The World Happiness Report is based on an aggregation of factors which make people happy. Among the measured data are GDP per capita, life expectancy, or freedom from corruption. However, it is not a ranking based on survey results of actual people's happiness feelings.

So to make matters more concrete, here are the real reasons why Switzerland is the happiest country:


Even at the most hectic times, we keep it cool and show no sign of stress.


Our public transportation is on time, tidy and clean, so we never worry about commuting.

Swiss Public Transportation

When the roads are packed, we stay super calm (and get embarrassed when someone honks a horn).


We greet each other on the street.


Email does not cut it for maintaining of friendships. We prefer spending quality time at apéros.


Nature starts at our doorsteps.

Faellanden Sunset 2015

We can drink perfectly delicious water from any public fountain.

Switzerland Fountain Water

Our lakes are cleaner than most swimming pools.


Having cows and other farm animals at every corner cheers us up!

Happy Swiss Cows

Buying milk and eggs produced by free roaming animals makes us happy.

Happy Swiss Chicken

Most fruits and vegetables from the farm are "organic" by default.

Market Day in Switzerland


We have Roger Federer, the King of Tennis. We feel happy when he wins a match.


And we have Heidi! Other countries might have Captain America and Harry Potter, but Heidi is Switzerland's true hero.


UNESCO have inscribed 11 sites on the World Heritage List for a reason.

Rhaetische Bahn - Chur to Arosa

86 percent of Swiss adults have earned the equivalent of a high school degree - that's higher than the global OECD average of 74 percent.


The apprenticeship system takes into account that not everyone if happy being an academic.


Those with a Swiss work contract enjoy four to five weeks of paid vacation per year.

Boat on Lake Zurich

By law, maternity leave lasts for 14 weeks. And there is an initiative under way for a mandated paternity leave of two weeks.


Universal health care coverage means that seeing a doctor is not a matter of affordability. Appointment waiting times are among the lowest in the world.


Chocolate really is a happy food (and we have loads of good choices at non-ridiculous prices).

Swiss Chocolate Aisle at Migros

We have the wine of Italy, the beer of Germany and the food of France.

Ascona Switzerland


And we grow up as multilinguals, so we can order anything off the menu in Italian, German, French or English.


Having access to more than one variety of Swiss cheese is a major happiness factor.

Swiss Cheese Varieties

We have the friendliest power sockets in the world.

Swiss Power Socket

We are as close to a direct democracy as you can get. Thus, we get to vote on everything and anything.

Swiss Direct Democracy - Voting Ballot

There are at least four viable political parties to pick from.


Contrary to popular belief, we do not take ourselves seriously.

Bachelorette Party Zürich

Wearing Speedos is still acceptable.


We get to enjoy all the Swiss perks for an average of 82.7 years.


Our broadband internet speeds are the fastest in the world: 44.6 Mbps for downloads.


The Swiss flag is a big plus, too!

Swiss Flag

(Collaboration post with inputs from Alessandra, Christian, Dimitri and Gabby - Sources: Maternity Leave Switzerland, UNESCO World Heritage, Switzerland life expectancy, broadband speeds)

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