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5 Road Related Oddities from Switzerland

Maybe you need a conversation starter for this Friday's happy hour party. Or you want to earn some bragging rights with your Swiss parents-in-law.

Either way, Newly Swissed is hooking you up with the latest oddities found in the land of cheese and chocolate. This time around, we are presenting you with miscellaneous bits and pieces about Swiss traffic and roads.

And you thought that you have seen it all... If they look at you weird, just tell them that you have read it on Newly Swissed!

1. Invasion of Transformers (via)
The picture above may look harmless, but this gigantic transformer means business! For one of his coolest projects ever, Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond ordered various service vehicles from the city of Vevey to gather up...

2. Traffic Sheep (via)
These sure don’t look like your boring ol’ traffic cones! The municipality of Gland commissioned designer Christophe Machet to create a set of reflective sheep that somehow "got lost" in the city streets, thus forcing drivers to slow down.


Say what you will, but these traffic sheep are great at baaaaa-rricading the streets!


3. Swiss Identical Twins Fooling Cops (via)
This story made the headlines last year when two Winterthur twin brothers collected a total of 29 parking tickets!

They cleverly took advantage of their identical looks by telling the court that "the other one" had been driving at the time! It was all fun and games for a while, but they started to seriously tick off the local court.

Even the cops handing out all the tickets felt frustrated, because they knew exactly what was going to happen and had no way of doing anything about it!

In the US, they would have simply towed the car. That's what impound lots are for! Done deal.



4. Golden Mercedes SLR (via)

Can it get any kitschier than this? This gold coated Mercedes SLR was designed by a Swiss, took 30'000 hours to make, and cost 5 Mio. Swiss Francs! Huh?



5. Clever Smart Slim Advertisement
Smart is making a point about its (yet) smallest car by cleverly squeezing an ad between two other ads!

And that's a wrap!

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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