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6 Things you (Probably) Didn’t Know about Marc Forster

Marc Forster - ZFF 2013

Marc Forster is undeniably way up there when it comes to successful directors in Hollywood.

For many Swiss, Forster is the Roger Federer of movies. Because it is not every day that someone makes it that far. Here are six things you probably didn't know about Swiss movie director Marc Forster:

Forster was born in Germany but grew up in Davos, Switzerland

Viewed as a Swiss icon, Marc Forster is actually half German. He was born in Ulm, Germany, in 1969, but his family moved to Switzerland when he was only nine years of age.

Swiss Citizenship Ceremony - Marc ForsterForster spent his formative years in Davos, which he considers a source of inspiration.

And finally in 2008, Marc Forster received Swiss citizenship and was named an Honorary Citizen of Davos.


Forster attended a renowned boarding school

For his matura degree, Forster attended a renowned boarding school. Located in Zug, Institut Montana Zugerberg is quite a ways from Davos, but Marc Forster had some family nearby during his studies: His brother Peter was also attending Montana at the same time.

It was at this boarding school where Forster watched "Apocalypse Now" at the age of 12 - a movie which had a lasting impact on him and ultimately made him want to become a director.

Among the Institut Montana's alumni are U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, or current Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek.

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Forster. Marc Forster.

For the 22nd James Bond movie, producer Barbara Broccoli wanted no other director but Marc Forster. You may not be aware of it but "Quantum of Solace" was loaded with Swissness: Apart from the Swiss director, villain "Elvis" was played by Swiss actor Anatole Taubman.

In one scene, "Elvis" is seen talking to his mother on the phone. And guess what? He is talking in plain Swiss German!

Quantum of Solace - Taubman

There's a "Marc Forster Suite" at Hotel MATTHIOL in Zermatt

Because directing was not enough, Marc Forster decided in 2010 go into the hotel business. Surprisingly, the hotel he co-owns is not located in Davos, but in Zermatt instead.

The boutique hotel MATTHIOL features one very special suite named after its owner. The word on the street is that one can see the Matterhorn - from the bathtub!

Hotel MATTHIOL - Marc Forster

Forster once turned down a half million Dollar offer

According to, Forster "once declined a $500'000 offer to direct a film despite having no income at the time and living from money he borrowed from friends." For a young director in expensive Hollywood, turning down this much cash would take quite a conviction. However, it may have ultimately helped Forster's career as a director, as "he didn't believe the script was good and was afraid his reputation [...] would suffer."

Another gig he turned down was for directing the third Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

Marc Forster - World War Z

In the Works: The Councellor Manuscript

The Chancellor Manuscript - Robert LudlumSlated for a 2015 release, Marc Forster will reportedly be directing the Robert Ludlum thriller "The Chancellor Manuscript" with one Leonardo DiCaprio in the cast!

We are itching to find out more about this exciting project!

(Photographs copyright by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, premium switzerland, Hotel MATTHIOL)

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