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You Know You’re from Bern (the City) If…

Bern, Switzerland - UNESCO Old Town

Bern is far from being the largest city in Switzerland. But when it comes to culture and history, the Swiss federal city comes in first! During our countless visits, we have talked to the locals, have tested their coffee houses and have, well, fallen in love...

There is something really charming about this city. It is nestled into a cozy curve of the river Aare, and life seems to be slower by just a tad. For tourists, Bern is best known for the Zytglogge clock tower and the bear pit. But there is much more to the city of Bern: If you catch yourself nodding to the following facts, you might just be a local!

You know you're from the city of Bern if:


You know how to decipher the Zytglogge clock.

Bern Zytglogge Clock Face

You think it is legitimate to dedicate a holiday to onions:

Bern Onion Market

A child eating ogre does not scare the bejesus out of you.

Bern - Chindlifresser Statue

You get overwhelmed by the myriad of lovely coffee bars.

wartsaal Cafe Bar in Bern, Switzerland(Pictured is the Wartsaal Kaffee Bar)


You have spotted local rapper Steff la Cheffe in public.


The expression "ävva" is part of your dictionary. It means as much as "really" or "are you kidding me?"


And you use French words like salut or portemonnaie in your daily conversations...


You refer to the slowness of Berners as "having style".


Your perfect apartment is located in the Mattequartier and looks like this:

Bern, Switzerland - UNESCO Old Town


You prefer farm fresh produce from the many farmers markets.

Bern, Switzerland - Market Day


Your favorite dish is a Berner Platte with Zungenwurst, sour turnips and dried green beans.


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You are used to walking across the runway to bord the plane at Belp.

Bern Belp Airport


You have ever soaked in the sun at the Rosengarten.

Bern Rosengarten


You have ever waited for someone at the Loeb-Egge.

Loebegge Bern


You have ever forgotten about time while browsing the books at "Alibabas Bücherhöhle".


And you are still sad that "Markthalle" had to make way for a big box retailer.


You don't blink when they call your city "Züri West".


You approve of the new bear pit which set the city back 24 million francs.


And your definition of relaxing looks like this!

Bern, Switzerland - Aare River

(Collaboration post with inputs from Dimitri and Indira)

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