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You know you’ve turned Swiss if…

You Have Turned Swiss

So we asked our Facebook community to complete a simple sentence: "You know you've turned Swiss if..."

I had taken a stab at this topic before when we published 33 signs that you're becoming Swiss. But little did I know that the community would come up with dozens of additional humorous signals that Swissness is taking a hold.

Here are the best endings to our sentence, sorted by number of likes!


Anywhere you travel feels cheap and dirty, and everyone seems inexplicably friendly.


You feel like putting 'oder' or 'weisch' at the end of your sentences.


You've left an anonymous note telling a neighbor to obey the rules.


You grab rubbish from the street 'cause it bothers you.


You always wait for the green man at a pedestrian crossing... even when there is not a car or bus within a mile in either direction!


You are getting annoyed when people are 5 min late.


You're getting worried for the driver's well-being if the bus is more than 3 minutes late.


You are happy to eat bread and cheese for dinner.


You start stretching your goodbyes over phone: "Tschüss! Ciao! Tschüss..." Saying the persons name more than once.


You look forward with great anticipation the start of raclette season.


You need to have coffee breaks at precisely 9 am and 4 pm each day.


You wonder why German woodpiles are so messy.


You find yourself vacuuming the balcony because it just makes sense, too!


You walk through the streets at night without looking over your shoulder every 10 seconds.


You say infos instead of info, gratulations instead of congratulations and see us soon!


You hate Gubrist tunnel.


You iron your bedding and kitchen towels.


You consider CHF15 for a coffee and roll as good value.


You accept that shops are closed on Sunday, even as a 20-something.


You stop buying rounds.


Visiting your European neighbors means judging them for not having pretty sidewalks and commenting on the amount of rubbish/dog poop lying around. Yet on the flip side, sitting at a restaurant and almost falling over when the bill arrives and gushing "oh so cheap!"

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Dimitri Burkhard

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