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9 Incredible Optical Illusions Found in Switzerland

Felice VariniSwitzerland's beauty is certainly no illusion. But I bet you did not know that this country boasts some of the coolest optical illusions you have ever seen!

Meet Felice Varini.

This Swiss artist has created several life-size masterpieces incorporating Swiss landscapes and architecture, using all but buckets of paint! His installations look almost like photoshopped when seen from the right angle, but take my word that the following images are depicting reality...

Vercorin, 2009

(Bonus: "Making of")

Felice Varini

Eglise des Jésuites (Lucerne), 1985

Varini - Lucerne

Tour de la Battiaz (Martigny), 1986


"Triangle étiré bleu" (Ermatingen), 1997


"Ellisse su due punti" (Lugano), 1997


Segni (Bellinzona), 2001


"Une ligne, cinq droites, six points, orange" (Neufchâtel), 2002


"archi e corone" (Monte Carasso), 2004


"ellisse rossa piena" (Lugano), 1996

(Images via here, here and here)

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Dimitri Burkhard

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