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A Swiss Banker’s Guide – 3 Hotspots for Social Life in Zürich

Zurich Bleicherweg - Tram

Let’s be honest: Moving to Zürich is not the most attractive choice if you are wanting to put a spin on your life.

Sure, everyone knows about the high standards of living there, but we still noticed the slight grin on our friends' faces when we announced: "We're moving to Zürich, Switzerland!"

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Rediscovering Zürich

We have all gone through the hassles of the house search. We have tried to understand the community's Entsorgungs-Kalender, and we have all discovered that we do not actually speak (Swiss) German.

Zurich Schanzengraben - SUP

But what is life without some pains, right? I have lived here eight years ago and have finally returned for good in November. Clearly, Zürich has changed in the meantime. It is neither London nor New York, but would you be able to walk to your office in any of these cities?

I didn’t think so.

Zürich offers a great variety of things to do, whether you speak German or another language. Believe it or not, it is the most international city I have lived in so far. And if you are just sufficiently open to change, you will soon find out that there are some great places to hang out.

Raygrodski Zürich(Copyright Raygrodski)

3 Pillars of Social Life in Zürich

As a senior Newly Swissed, I want to share my three pillars of social life in Zürich. I hang out there often, and I can assure you that these locales will give you a first taste of the social life in Switzerland’s liveliest city:


1. After Work Parties at Carlton

The Carlton is a true institution of Zürich, an evergreen. But yet, it is still a trendy place to meet other business people for an after work apéro.

Carlton Bar Zurich(Copyright Carlton Bar Zürich)

Every Tuesday from 6:30 PM, the Carlton turns into a unique meeting point for the bankers of Bahnhofstrasse. In order to leave a positive impression, don't ignore the casual dress code. Also, this place is ideal if you want to try to meet someone without Tinder...


2. Alternative Vibes at Raygrodski

Is there a true hipster willing to yell behind that business attire and nice Ferragamo tie? Are you unwilling to hang out in the old city with all the tourists? In simple terms, if you are a true Shoreditch hipster, the Raygrodski is the place for you.

Raygrodski Zürich(Copyright Raygrodski)

Crowded and sweaty during weekends, this cocktail bar popular with the alternative scene is a great place to chill out with your friends and meet some new ones.

Raygrodski Zürich(Copyright Raygrodski)

3. After Work Cocktails at FORUM – Restaurant, Bar, Lounge

FORUM has been ranked as Zürich's top bar by World’s Best Bars. It really is the ideal place for those not willing to move around before or after dinner.

Forum Zurich(Copyright FORUM)

This old cinema location has been recently renovated to host great after work parties (check their event listing), and they offer very good quality cocktails.

The FORUM is ideal for any fan of the typical north Italian Aperol Spritz.

Forum Zurich(Copyright FORUM)

Let me know what you think about these suggestions and look out for me the next time you hang out there!


James Cole is a traveling banker, business man and hipster at heart. He never gets tired of traveling and meeting new people. When this Asian food addict is not roller skating, you might find him doing yoga.

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