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44 Minutes with Andrea Monica Hug, Zürich Photographer

Andrea Monica Hug - Chic in Zurich(Photo copyright Smira-Fashion Blog/Facebook)

Meet Andrea Monica Hug, a street-style photographer, journalist and social influencer with a contagious positive energy.

Andrea is known to capture the most interesting and stylish looks in Zürich and beyond. She works in social media, manages her own Instagram profile with more than 11K followers, blogs at and runs a photography business.

You would think that all of this would keep her busy enough. Think again: Andrea is also a yoga practitioner and marathon runner. I met Andrea on a spring afternoon in Zürich, and her smile was my personal ray of light of the day.


Andrea, how long have you been a photographer?

Andrea: It has been almost four years, and I am completely self-taught. During my studies at ZHAW, I have already been attracted by the images of great fashion photographers. Also, one of my best friends is a photographer. I admired his work to the point that I wanted to teach myself how to capture images and share them with the world. My determination soon became a passion, and I feel blessed to have transformed it into a job.


Your blog, Chic-in-Zurich, is one of the most original ones in Switzerland. What drew you to street photography and blogging?

I needed to challenge myself with something other than an ordinary nine-to-five job. It would have to be something through which I could express my creativity.

Inspired by some international street bloggers I was following at the time, I came up with the Chic-in-Zurich idea: To capture and document stylish looks of people on the natural stage of Zürich.

I loved the idea of showing another side of Zürich, made of style and originality. Still today, my objective is to discover people who are comfortable and elegant in their outfits, offering an image of self-confidence.

Chic-in-Zurich(Photo copyright Andrea Monica Hug/Chic-in-Zurich)

What makes an image memorable to you?

Photography is my passion and I consider myself primarily as a photographer and only then as a journalist or a blogger. I have always admired the controversial and provocative pictures of Richard Avedon who has been able to capture iconic images challenging traditional photography, bringing fashion out studios and into the streets or unusual locations.

A picture like “Dovima with Elephants” is unique and eternal. In my work I try to challenge rules and boundaries, capturing the energy of the people in that instant when they brighten up and smile into the camera. That is the moment that makes to me an image memorable.


Who are your style icons?

I really love Olivia Palermo, and more so Miranda Kerr. They are different in some ways, but both stylish and natural. I would love to work with Miranda Kerr as she strikes me not only for her looks and work, but also for her positive attitude towards life.

Chic-in-Zurich(Photo copyright Andrea Monica Hug/Chic-in-Zurich)

What do you think your readers and followers take away from your work?

People I meet and recognize from my work tell me they find motivation in what I do and how I share it on Instagram. Besides my work as a photographer, I constantly set myself to achieve higher goals, like the completion of the New York Marathon. It helps me build my self-confidence and I hope that it will proof to followers and readers that hard work and perseverance always pay off.


Tell me the one thing you cannot live without, or would not leave home without.

I could definitely never be without my camera and a recorder to ensure that I am able to transmit the same emotions of any of my subjects.


What is different since you are Andrea Monica Hug?

Everything and nothing. I am still Andrea Monica Hug but my life has changed and I owe it to the blog and the hard work behind it. Chic-in-Zurich is responsible for my personal development.

It has transformed me into an entrepreneur, and people often do not realize all the work and preparation "behind the curtains." Anyone willing to start a similar journey must take this in consideration and try harder when things do not seem to work.


What goals would you like to achieve next?

Thanks to the blog, I have already managed to realize one of my goals: To work with Vogue. I am now working hard to realize my dream to collaborate with the Smashbox studios, an L.A. hub for world-class photographers and directors, shooting important content for major magazines, ad campaigns, music and entertainment projects, as well as brand visuals.

Andrea Monica Hug - Chic in Zurich
(Photo copyright Chic in Zurich)


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