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We talked to Anina Mutter, the original sustainable style warrior

Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

To say Anina Mutter is a multifaceted woman would be an understatement.

She is a blogger, dancer, model, actress, design manager, social media consultant, and a Newly Swissed contributor. But most importantly, she is fast becoming Switzerland's ambassador for a sustainable (life)style.

The 28-year-old is a so-called multipotentialite, someone with many interests and creative pursuits, without having one true calling. She expresses herself through movement, acting, or words. Her interests and passions are so diverse that she chooses to go down many paths and follow all of them.

Sometimes successively, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes both - Anina is part of the next generation of warm, strong, and independent women who cannot easily be tied down by labels.

"That is exactly what most people struggle the most: the inability to pigeonhole me! In my curriculum, you will not find a linear career path. Or the same job title twice. I have always pursued my passions and dreams, making it my very own path - and I believe my versatile background is my biggest asset," she says and smiles.

Pursuing her path - on her own terms - is working out for this charming Swiss gal. Today, Anina can make a living doing exactly what she loves most: leading the way in sustainable style – and making an impact through words and actions. Under the hashtag #sustainablestylewarrior she documents her journey as an advocate for sustainability at all levels.

She has dedicated herself to a happy, healthy, sporty, and exciting lifestyle.

Through her lifestyle blog and her social media presence, she encourages people to live in balance with nature. Anina routinely shares her passion, her thoughts, and her lifestyle choices with an ever-growing fan base on social media.

With more than 16'000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, she has become one of Switzerland's top-ranking influencers in sustainability. More and more brands are interested in working and connecting with her. Anina endorses environmentally conscious brands and gives a voice to good causes. And while her public presence is growing, so is the responsibility to make the right choices.

Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

"It is such a fantastic journey that I am on. I get to do what I love most and simultaneously, I can raise awareness for what I care about most," says the multi-talented Zürcher by choice. "The more publicity I gain, the more important it is to talk about sustainable lifestyle choices - the more important it is for me to try to make a positive impact and to use my presence for a good cause."

While speaking to Anina, you realize quickly that sustainability is not just another catchphrase. She means it. She lives it. She is passionate about it. But why is sustainability so important to her?

Anina on her commitment: "Very early on, my parents instilled in me the values of fairness, empathy, and consciousness of oneself and others. To look after the environment. To be fair towards animals and other human beings. To be aware of what is going on around you. Choosing a sustainable lifestyle may not always be the easiest path, but for me personally, it is the only one that feels right."

With a smile, she adds that she was one of those eager children that knocked on doors selling WWF stickers. This was not her parents' idea, she took it upon herself to get involved. Same as with the peace demonstration that she participated in as a young teen. She felt it was important to get involved, to help the animals, to march for a better future. And this notion has not changed: She feels it is important to live a sustainable lifestyle and to talk about it.

Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

What comes next for Anina Mutter?

Anina's exciting journey as the sustainable style warrior has just started. She is definitely not done spreading her message about sustainability. She wants to keep encouraging people through her words and actions. She knows that you can’t change people's habits overnight – change is a gradual process, a step-by-step shift that she is convinced will happen over time. She is certain that the more people read about sustainability and the consequences, the harder it will be to look away.

"Every little choice and decision towards leading a more conscious and sustainable life is significant. Everything counts – the clothes you buy, the food you eat, the energy you use. You don’t have to do everything at once, doing something small is better than doing nothing," she says. “I hope that through my presence and commitment I will be able to playfully inspire people to slowly change towards a more mindful lifestyle.”

We are sure that she will do so. And we are also sure that we will read, see and hear more about this multifaceted multipotentialite in the future, not just on Newly Swissed but also on TV, dance stages, and the internet.

Fancy hearing more from Anina?

Follow Anina on Instagram, on Facebook, or on her lifestyle blog.

Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

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