Lake Neuchâtel Beach

16 ways to travel the world without leaving Switzerland

Dear readers, you don't need to travel far to see the world. It's all right here in Switzerland! From the Hawaii to India, here are our top picks.
Creux du Van Rock Formations in Neuchâtelkuhnmi/Wikimedia Commons

These power spots in Switzerland allow you to recharge

Be it hidden waterfalls, tranquil forest lakes, scenic peaks or ancient places of worship: there are quite a few power spots in Switzerland.
Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, SwitzerlandDominik Gehl

10 Swiss museums with truly stunning architecture

Follow me on a visual journey as I present you 10 Swiss museums that have especially beautiful architecture - from Chur to Geneva and Zürich.
Bern's UNESCO World Heritage Old Town

10 Swiss cities to visit in your lifetime

There's a common (and winning) formula for Swiss cities: take a charming old town, add a river or a lake and put some scenic mountains within sight...
Newly Swissed during lockdown

How my fellow Newly Swissed writers are winging the lockdown

We live in unprecedented times... It’s likely that the 2020 pandemic lockdown will have such an impact that we will tell future generations about it.
Freddy Mercury Statue in Montreux

Smile! These statues in Switzerland are perfect for selfies

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the lush alpine valleys of Bern, statues in Switzerland are in some rather privileged spots.
Rudolf Olgiati Architecture Flims, Switzerland

The town of Flims is a showcase of Grisons architecture

The mountainous east of Switzerland is also a hot spot for architecture. From Zumthor to Olgiati, Grisons has amazing landmark buildings.
Zürich Postcard Holder

11 fascinating facts about Zürich, Switzerland

Since Zürich is Switzerland's biggest town, many assume it's also the country's capital. Here are some fascinating facts about Zürich that *are* correct.
Rehberger Trail in Basel

Outdoor art in Switzerland for your "must see" list

Sometimes, outdoor art is so well embedded in the urban landscape that we do not perceive it as art anymore. In Switzerland, outdoor art calls for...