Cable cars in Switzerland to ride in your lifetime

Just a fraction of Swiss mountains are accessible to people like you and me. Yet thanks to no less than 251 cable cars, all of us can climb them.
Restaurant Fluhalp in Zermatt

A foodie's guide to mountain restaurants in Zermatt

Some refer to Zermatt as the lunch capital of the Alps. Others consider it as a resort reserved for foodies. They are both right!
Alpe Prou in Valle OnsernoneSwitzerland Tourism/swiss-image.ch/Alessandra Meniconzi

A dozen ways to travel the world in Ticino, Switzerland

I hope that my cheeky guide will inspire you to visit Ticino. There, you could easily find yourself in Hawai'i, Yosemite or even Machu Picchu...
Saype "Beyond Crisis" Painting in Leysin, Switzerland

About artist Saype who's painting the Swiss landscape

If you were a bird, you'd never miss his art. Saype's larger-than-life paintings are taking the world by storm, and here's a portrait of the artist.
Swiss Flag Tossing Competition - Jodlerfest Lachen

17 interesting facts about the Swiss flag

Let's "square" away the most interesting fact about the Swiss flag: it's the only national flag that's square instead of rectangular!
Zurich Tourism Map 2019

A map of Zurich and helpful tips to get around

Reading a map allows one to wander around a city in the mind. For Zurich maps, look no further: here is a downloadable PDF map plus many special maps.
Lake Neuchâtel Beach

16 ways to travel the world without leaving Switzerland

Dear readers, you don't need to travel far to see the world. It's all right here in Switzerland! From the Hawaii to India, here are our top picks.
Creux du Van Rock Formations in Neuchâtelkuhnmi/Wikimedia Commons

These power spots in Switzerland allow you to recharge

Be it hidden waterfalls, tranquil forest lakes, scenic peaks or ancient places of worship: there are quite a few power spots in Switzerland.
Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, SwitzerlandDominik Gehl

10 Swiss museums with truly stunning architecture

Follow me on a visual journey as I present you 10 Swiss museums that have especially beautiful architecture - from Chur to Geneva and Zürich.