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How about these blooming spring impressions from Ticino?

Locarno in springtime

Clear blue skies are above, willow trees and cherry blossoms are swinging in the breeze, and dozens of stork couples have started building nests. Spring is definitely here in the Central Switzerland!

And if you warp through the 16 km long Gotthard tunnel to Ticino, the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, it feels like early summer caressing your face with all the energy you have missed during the long gray winter.

Not only the sun is brighter there, but also those old building walls are merrier painted in pink, moss green, blue, orange, moccha, and gäggeligääl ("Züri-Deutsch" to describe the typical yellow of a child’s rain boots).

Locarno in springtime

For many Swiss residents, Ticino is reachable by car or train within two hours, and that it is the weekend gateway to escape from the (sometimes ugly) northern weather and to recharge their vitamin D under the tall palm trees.

Ticino is also the destination for healthy retirement - Italian style. It comes with good food, fancy convertibles, vivid fashion, and endless chatting on the street, on park benches, or in corner cafés.

Locarno in springtime
Locarno in springtime

If I ever spend my 70’s (and up) in Switzerland, I would want to live in Ascona. Put more realistically, if I could afford it with my retirement benefits and savings... As a Japanese female with the world record longevity in Switzerland, the country with some of the highest living costs... sigh...

Locarno in springtime

Whatever waits in the future, Ascona and Locarno will always be full of sunshine and seasonal flowers. Surely enough, the same tropical heaven welcomed me last weekend in Ascona.

Locarno in springtime

We've also (nearly) visited the famous Camelia Festival in Locarno

On the way back to Zürich, I stopped by Parco delle Camelie in Locarno. I was one day too soon for the International Camelie exhibition. However, the park was ready to show off its hundreds of gorgeous camelie flowers hanging like heavy grapefruits.

Locarno in springtime

Camellias are rose like flowers without the sweet fragrance, and many have interesting names like “Cup of Beauty”, “Satan’s Robe”, and "Sayonara" (good-bye in Japanese). Many have poetic Japanese names, too, such as "Minato-no-akebono" (dawn in the port), "Otohime" (princess of the sea), and "Hagoromo" (a nymph’s magic scarf to fly), and so on.

Those Japanese camellia kinds made me a bit nostalgic about Japan, and I hope that the exhibit would someday include translations of those precious names.

More information

- Information about the Camellia Festival in Locarno

Locarno in springtime
Locarno in springtime
Locarno in springtime


Mamiko truly loves to discover Switzerland through the Newly Swissed "frame" with her Japanese eyes for details and a spark of American curiosity. She wants to connect Newly Swissed with businesses and organizations in Switzerland and expand the network.


  • Hi Mamiko,
    It’s funny how you point out Switzerland has a high cost of living – Japan is not far behind, I think Norway is 1st, then CH followed by Japan in the world rankings! But It’s all about how much tax you pay and how much you earn – in Switzerland taxes are low & wages are high! It might be expensive for tourists but not if you live here.
    I love Ticino, we go at least 2 times a year & have a few posts about it on my blog.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback, Moonchild! Have you ever been to Ticino? These pictures don’t lie about the beauty of southern Switzerland…

  • Before I was married, my man took me to Ascona a few times. Now that we’re a family, we go to Swiss Miniatur. =)

  • Hello Mamiko,

    Thank you for sharing your impressions about our region in this beautiful blog.
    We would like to inform you that this year’s Camellias exhibition will take place from 20th – 24th March 2013. You can find further information on our website:

    Greetings from Lago Maggiore and hopefully see you at Locarno Camelie!

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