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Visiting the Zürich Airport Observation Deck

Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

Any frequent flyer can name at least a handful of airports with chronic delays, inconvenient ground transportation or smelly carpets in the waiting areas. But Zurich Airport is likely not going to be part of those lists.

Awarded Europe's Leading Airport nine years in a row, I am convinced that the entertaining observation deck is going to allow for yet another award in 2013!

Zurich Airport Visitor Deck
Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

A set of high-tech binoculars allows for experiencing augmented reality. By hovering across points of interest such as the control tower or one of those lovely airplanes from Swiss, the "Airportscope" will display interesting background information.

Zurich Airport Visitor Deck
Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

Yes, the playground made my heart beat faster! It is laid out like a miniature airport including a control tower, a helicopter and an airplane...

Zurich Airport Visitor Deck
Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

The observation deck separates die-hard plane spotters from their favorite objects by a mere 100 meters. Among the roar of airplanes taking off, I overheard some rather cryptic conversations about plane engines and aerodynamics features. And I saw several gigantic telephoto lenses which would make any paparazzi turn green with envy!

Zurich Airport Visitor Deck
Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

The observation deck is open to the general public. It can easily be accessed from Check-in 2 through a separate security gate.

As for me, this post might as well have been entitled "How to spend four exciting hours at ZRH airport"!


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