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How I Discovered the Art of Manliness at Bullfrog in Zürich

Bullfrog Barbershop in Zurich

There is a new barbershop in town. Since October 2015, a trendy hipster locale in Zürich’s old town allows men to rediscover the relaxing pleasure of a traditional Italian shave: Bullfrog.

Following the growing interest for men’s luxury grooming, the Italian Percassi group has conceived Bullfrog (Niederdorfstrasse 18). The interior design reminds of a 1930’s American barbershop. On the menu are proper razor shaves, moustache service and haircuts.


Bullfrog for Gentlemen

Despite my hipster heart, I work for a bank. I need to keep my beard in decent order so I decided to treat myself with a combo: A traditional haircut plus beard grooming service.

This type of service did not mean much to me at the time I booked. For too long, I had shaved with a disposable blade. Now it was time to discover the art of manliness and enjoy the relaxing experience of being shaved with a real razor – like a real gentleman.

Most of the barbers here are Italian, and they speak English. Giorgio welcomed me with a coffee, and after a brief discussion over hairstyles, I decided to go with a military cut. The old school barber chair reclined and I was thrown back in time… How relaxing.

Several hot towels later, a massage with hydrating oil and almost at the point of falling asleep, I was given the best shave ever. Finally, my beard had a shape. I guess my boss will be happy with the result, too.

Bullfrog Barbershop in Zurich

Rinse and Repeat

Bullfrog is your address for a clipper clean haircut in a nice atmosphere to hang out and just be a man. The aroma of the tonic, the smoothing massage and the razor shave on my face are an experience that I definitely want to repeat again.

Prices are Zürich style, although not more expensive than elsewhere. But the team is friendly and sociable. If you are ever lacking a gift idea for your man, a treatment at Bullfrog could be a nice present.

One tip: If you are not a fan of country music, which frankly does not match with the style of salon, bring some earplugs!

Bullfrog Barbershop in Zurich


James Cole is a traveling banker, business man and hipster at heart. He never gets tired of traveling and meeting new people. When this Asian food addict is not roller skating, you might find him doing yoga.

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