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How Swiss Samichlaus Santa Works

Samichlaus - My first hand encounter with Swiss Santa

My first Santa welcoming was last year, in the Städtli of Greifensee. It was a very cold night and Samichlaus was there with his...
Ferrari on a Swiss Freeway

What it takes to hit the road in Switzerland

It’s been two years since I moved from the US to Switzerland, and one of the biggest changes in this transition is that I don’t own a car and haven’t driven at all. A carefree life for two years! It’s an unbelievable achievement for an Ohioan who used to commute, run errands, and travel by used-but-my-own Mazda...
Zurich Farmers Markets

Waldspielgruppe - Where Swiss Kids Learn Survival Skills

Today, the Curly Girlie went off for the first time to Waldspielgruppe. Rather like England has the Brownies, America has Camp, and Switzerland has the forest playgroup...
Bern Onion Market

The annual Onion Market in Bern is all about... onions!

Every fourth Monday in November, Bern shall awaken to the sounds and smells of the traditional Onion Market. From the railway station and down the...
Zurich Farmers Markets

A Swiss Beauty Pageant of a Different Kind - Miss Beatenberg 2011

The beautiful autumn sunshine broke through the clouds, revealing a clear blue sky above and perfect conditions below. It was the day of the Miss Beatenberg contest. This is no ordinary pageant, as the winner does not give a speech, win a world trip or pose for toothpaste commercials. In fact, it is doubtful if Miss Beatenberg even realizes she has competed...
Zurich Farmers Markets

Live from the Green Carpet at the Zürich Film Festival!

Last night was opening night at the Zurich Film Festival. Anyone with a name made it by my camera... But while I did recognize quite a few faces, I barely knew any of their names! See my impressions of...
Jungfrau Marathon

The Most Beautiful Swiss Marathon is a Virgin - Jungfrau Marathon

Humans are runners. Whether you are a runner or a hiker and are looking for the most beautiful challenge, the Jungfrau Marathon should definitely be...

Knabenschiessen: Who Will be this Year's Schützenkönig?

Have you noticed the yellow flyers in Zürich's trams, with a cartoon face on it? It is the season of “Knabenschiessen”. This festival...
Zurich Farmers Markets

Zürich's Farmers Markets Have You Covered

Use our newly compiled guide to find out the specialty of each farmers market, as well as when and where to get your veggie kick in the vicinity of Zürich!