You Know You’re Swiss If… (Part 2)

You know you're Swiss if

While hanging out at the lake the other day, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on our first year back in Switzerland. So we consolidated our observations and came up with the sequel to our series of sure-fire ways to know whether you are Swiss!


Food: You know you’re Swiss if...

- you get frustrated when you go abroad and find that stores do not carry at least 10 different kinds of Swiss chocolate and 15 kinds of Swiss cheese.

- you know what "Röschti" is (and have crossed the "Röschtigrabe" at some point).

- you were legally allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of sixteen.

- you prefer "Elmer Citro" rather than "Sprite".

- you own a Soda Club machine.

- you have ever prepared a dish based on a Betty Bossi recipe.

- you are not surprised when the grocery clerk greets you by name.

You know you're Swiss if

Geography: You know you’re Swiss if...

- you have ever been confused with a Swede.

- you have ever been asked - upon stating your nationality - whether you live in the mountains and whether you can yodel.

- you think that driving somewhere for four hours is a hell of a long time.


Language: You know you’re Swiss if...

- you are fluent in at least three languages and think it is completely normal.

- you routinely have to explain that “Swiss” is not a language.

- you get amused when you see Swiss German people being subtitled on German television.

- you think it is normal to have six different public television channels in three different languages.

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- you can not only pronounce "Chuchichäschtli" but also know what it means!

- you get embarrassed when you run into other Swiss tourists abroad who converse in Swiss German.

You know you're Swiss if

Politics: You know you’re Swiss if...

- you have ever been asked who the president of Switzerland is and then failed miserably trying to explain why you have lost track…

- you have ever been asked by your non-Swiss friends to intervene in a fight and used "Hey, I'm Swiss!" as an excuse not to.

- when asked to explain how certain things work in Switzerland, you commonly use the phrase "it differs from canton to canton..."


Sports: You know you’re Swiss if...

- you went to a state-funded ski camp every year with your classmates in high school.

- skis are like extensions of your feet, because you have learned to ski before you learned to walk!

- you think cow-trekking is as normal a sport as giant sledge racing.

You know you're Swiss if

Miscellaneous: You know you’re definitively Swiss if...

- you used to walk to kindergarten without supervision, wearing a triangular orange reflection band around your neck.

- you grew up believing all cows must wear bells (and still believe so).

- you owned a Swatch growing up... or still do!

- you grab an umbrella whenever you leave your house.

- you think showcasing your collection of garden gnomes is a way of making friends.

- you have visited Lucerne's Lion Monument but have no clue what it stands for.

- no matter how much of a "bad-ass" you think you are, you will still pick up your candy wrapper off the floor if an old lady asks you to!

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Do you feel like we have just described your very personality? Or did we miss any crucial signs that you are Swiss?

(Inspired by Sanbra)

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