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Chocoholics Envying Swiss Chocolate Kitchen

Master pastry chef Alain Roby has used 2000 lbs of chocolate and sugar to built a replica of his home kitchen in Geneva.

Alain Roby, the man who previously built a 20-foot chocolate skyscraper and a 22-foot-tall Christmas tree made of chocolate, began work on his unique replica last year when he received a chocolate donation from Belgian chocolaterie Callebaut.

He started out by melting the chocolate into molds and connected the parts using more chocolate. The dishes were made from sugar, and the tiles were glazed and sculpted into the desired shape.

The whole project took months to complete, and Alain still finds ways to improve it, every now and then.

The chocolate artist admits that the artistry of the kitchen is a big challenge, but that it is actually the engineering part which is the most complicated.

He had to put in many hours of hard work and had to come up with a lot of ingenious ideas. This drive allowed him to finish this sweet replica of his home kitchen in Geneva, and the response has been fantastic!

Complete with cabinets, a stove, a sink, a tiled backsplash, teapots and dishes, Alain Roby’s chocolate kitchen has become a temporary local attraction in downtown Geneva...

Would you want to have a chocolate kitchen, or rather a chocolate bedroom?

(via Oddity Central)

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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